Last day of 2012 – Worst Day of 2012


At least that was the case for my oldest son Matthew, who is hooked on elevators. We have traveled all around, and anyplace we go we need to visit the local elevators. He knew that we were going to San Diego between Christmas and New Years, so he discovered a very rare diagonal elevator that he was excited to visit. My other son was looking forward to the real reasons for the trip, to see my family and go to LegoLand!
The kindness of my family (mother and sisters) demonstrated itself that day as we made an full excursion out of it. We took the coastal train from our hotel, then a mile hike along the bay scenery. We marched up the backside of the pyramid shaped building, all the way to the top, only to discover that the special elevator was closed for repairs.
Matthew was devastated!  He was inconsolable. Trying to sooth the intense disappointment of an autistic child who just just seen his dreams shattered is an impossible task. I will say that I am very proud of him as he did his best to deal with the great loss.




It did all end well though. After having a conversation with some local police officers on our way back to the train station, we were told of a hotel that had a unique glass elevator that went from the inside of the building, through the roof, to the outside of the top stories. Crisis averted. Matthew was more than satisfied. And I was as thankful as any dad could be.



Here they are traveling up and through the roof with a great view of San Diego.  We could even see the train (that we almost missed ) Pretty exciting day after all.


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