From Elevators to Escalators


From elevators to escalators. It’s just how things progress.
Actually it’s the competitive wishes and will of Adi, my younger son. After years of being drag to elevators for years, Adi makes a choice for his own curious obsession.  Escalators.




Paradise Pier, Disneyland

Here Matthew makes certain that Adi understands who still rules the elevator buttons.
What a strange path life (and my sons) continue to lead me down.



Four Seasons, San Diego

One son rides up as the other son rides down. Getting them both to arrive on the same level at the same time can be time consuming.



The Hyatt, Phoenix

Do you see the elevators in the background? Guess where Matthew is?



The Hyatt, Phoenix




Valco shopping center, Cupertino

No that is not Adi on the escalator. He is just out of frame on his way up. But I kinda liked this shot a little better.




The images on this blog are just a few that have not been added to the entire series. Which can be found here:

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