Indian Pow Wow

In a continuing effort to demonstrate that the iPhone has a wonderful camera, I recently used it to create some very specialized portraits.

These portraits were taken at the Native American Pow Wow in Marysville Ca. on Feb 17th. Yes, these were all shot on the iPhone. And yes they were edited later. Lighting was LED lights, powered by a battery pack. It’s a great experience to work with wonderful people who allow me to capture emotional images. Because for me, photography is art. And art should touch on your emotions.

The reason I am a photographer is not to try to stay true to some technical reasoning. Or to use the highest-rated, (most expensive) cameras on the market. The reason I take photographs is to capture beauty and emotion, and then conceptualize the best way to show that emotion to the world. Just as some painters use oil paint, and others may use watercolors. The choice of what to use is not as important as the final result. What matters most is, whether are you getting across the emotional impact that you want the viewer to feel. I believe that these images work in that capacity.
Let me know what you think.

You can view the entire series here:

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