Monthly:January 2013

2012 Awards

1 – APA Something Personal 1 – Gold, 1 – Silver,  Davey Awards 3 – Platinum, 2 – Gold,   MarCom Awards   Yes, this list is much shorter this year than previous years. The reason is simple, I just didn’t have the free time to enter images in the various awards shows.  It takes a lot of time and effort. Usually it’s worth it because you get to attend fancy dinner parties and socialize with other creatives. Also there is […]

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Last day of 2012 – Worst Day of 2012

  At least that was the case for my oldest son Matthew, who is hooked on elevators. We have traveled all around, and anyplace we go we need to visit the local elevators. He knew that we were going to San Diego between Christmas and New Years, so he discovered a very rare diagonal elevator that he was excited to visit. My other son was looking forward to the real reasons for the trip, to see my family and go […]

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