Monthly:January 2017


This Cocoa Jeans project was another opportunity to “Pay It Forward” and have some fun in the process. Working with the students at the German International School of Silicon Valley, and with the help of the wonderful marketing team at Cocoa Jeans, we produced a cool location fashion series geared towards young teens. The German School is comprised mainly of children from German families who have transferred over to a new job in Silicon Valley. Their education always includes an […]

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Riverbed Shoot

Nyuk, Nyuk, Nyuk No that’s not Popeye. We were interjecting a little humor into some ads for technology firm, Riverbed. Most ads for technology companies read like a datasheet. Some detailed technobabble or sales propaganda. These ads, created by Art Director Mike Connor, were meant to stop the viewer while being a little more fun, and kind of realistic on how people feel when they make the switch to a working system.  It’s nice when the client can allow for […]

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