Monthly:March 2013

Ronnie Lott is In The House

  Since I am known first and foremost as a people photographer, and my main studio is located in the heart of the SOMA district of San Francisco,  it can be expected that I have been lucky enough to photograph many players from both past and present 49er’s teams.   Recently I was on a shoot with Ronnie Lott, 4 time Super Bowl champion.  I have actually worked with him before so I know what a wonderful humanitarian and inspiring […]

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Elevator Licking – The New Craze?

Is Elevator Licking really the new craze? Of course not, that’s just gross. But unfortunately that’s what I caught my son doing on a recent elevator excursion. Yuck! is the only appropriate word that suffices. Other than the reactionary words of a father – “get away from there, and don’t ever do that again”!   For those who wonder what this is about: I have an on going photo essay with my oldest son Matthew, who is hooked on elevators. […]

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