Elevator Licking – The New Craze?

Is Elevator Licking really the new craze?

Of course not, that’s just gross.

But unfortunately that’s what I caught my son doing on a recent elevator excursion. Yuck! is the only appropriate word that suffices. Other than the reactionary words of a father – “get away from there, and don’t ever do that again”!


For those who wonder what this is about: I have an on going photo essay with my oldest son Matthew, who is hooked on elevators. As many other children (and autistic adults) like him, who are fascinated with these vertical vehicles, they have a strong calling to ride in elevators and video the experience. My younger son just goes along for the ride. Ah…, so to speak.  It’s not a commercial project for me, but it certainly is fascinating and fun.

To read more details and see the past series: http://melphoto.com/portfolios/elevators/


Here are a few more recent ones, not yet in the large series.



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