Monthly:February 2012

Law Foundation

    The Law foundation is one of my favorite clients. Love helping out these good folk.  This video just shows a lighting and movement test with a terrible stand in model. I just couldn’t get this guy to smile. And boy does he need some make-up…. The Law Foundation is one of those project where I am asked to work with Real People, trying to get them to feel comfortable being in front of the camera with a pretty […]

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Perfect Snack Food

    Finally found the perfect snack food. It never goes bad, insects will have nothing to do with it. And it tastes oh so good. I assume. Too bad the place was closed so I didn’t get a chance t find out.  Actually, we were on Spring Break with the kids in Santa Cruz. I came across this stand and HAD to shoot it.  I really did want to try a deep fried Twinkie, just to see what it […]

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