Law Foundation



The Law foundation is one of my favorite clients. Love helping out these good folk.  This video just shows a lighting and movement test with a terrible stand in model. I just couldn’t get this guy to smile. And boy does he need some make-up….

The Law Foundation is one of those project where I am asked to work with Real People, trying to get them to feel comfortable being in front of the camera with a pretty difficult story to tell. I believe the only way to do that is for me to present my own vulnerabilities. Let them know that we are all, essentially, the same. We all have struggles. Once they are at the point that they understand we are on the same humanistic level, then find out what makes them feel good.  Get them to laugh and smile from the inside because they genuinely feel it.  That’s how I like to work with people on these type of shoots.

See some of the past shots on this link:

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