Monthly:March 2016

Netflix Behind The Scenes

Working with kids is always fun and exciting. It requires that I put myself in a much different place than when working with adult models or shooting portraits of CEO’s.  I need to get in touch with the child in myself. That’s ok with me. It helps me to feel alive and young again. Certainly, having an autistic son has given me insight into how differently each child’s mind works. So getting an instant read on the personality of each […]

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Johnny 5 and SRI

One of the most enjoyable aspects being a commercial photographer in the San Francisco Bay Area, is being given access to the inner sanctums of many of the most innovative companies in the world. Countless times throughout the years I have been brought in to photograph product prototypes months, even years, in advance of their release. In many cases the countless iterations are never viewed by the general public. So many of the coolest stages of development are only seen […]

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