Monthly:September 2011


  Really exciting campaign shoot for Wingstop.  Food and people shots all in one day. Which means we had a larger crew than normal. But it was a great shoot with a wonderful food client, and a really talent team. It’s nice when you can put together a quality shoot that requires both perfect food photography, and intense people shots. Usually it’s hard for one photographer to handle both areas. But since I started out as a food photographer, and […]

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    Sometimes, it’s cool to take a very basic shoot and turn it into some fun. Bellarmine College Preparatory was founded in 1851, it is the oldest secondary school in California. It is a Jesuit school guided by the principles of higher education. My father was the first in our family to attend this great educational facility. We plan to have Adi good to school here. I have been asked to help out with various promotional materials throughout the […]

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    Running a test for the video we are creating for VMWare. The model needs to look as though he is being pulled back or tugged on by the words. It works better in video. Had to shoot the model on green screen so we could drop in the clients background. And we had to have him walk across a 30 foot wide area. So even though it looks like a small and simple shoot, we needed a lot […]

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