Sometimes, it’s cool to take a very basic shoot and turn it into some fun.

Bellarmine College Preparatory was founded in 1851, it is the oldest secondary school in California. It is a Jesuit school guided by the principles of higher education. My father was the first in our family to attend this great educational facility. We plan to have Adi good to school here. I have been asked to help out with various promotional materials throughout the years. Usually it pretty formal imagery since Bellarmine is a Catholic school. But when you are working with high age boys, you better try something unusual or you can lose them pretty quickly. At the same time, if you give them a chance to get a little goofy, than it is possible to keep the energy level high enough to get the shots you need. Of course, you don’t wont the energy level to get too high and have things go the other direction.

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