Monthly:April 2012

Austin Powers

    Some shoots are just more fun than others. It was great to have a very talented Austin Powers impersonator in the studio for a shoot for TMG.  This is just a screen capture of the video we shot. I hope to have a secondary roll of the video up on the website soon. Shooting photographs is different than directing video. When working with actors on still photography, I speak directly to the models as I am shooting them. […]

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    We had a great time shooting outdoor stills and video for Altec.  Being outdoors on a beautiful day really makes one appreciate both the career choice and living in California. We were working with Valerie from Altec. She is one of those healthy people who runs like 20 miles ever morning or something like that. Looks healthy, eats healthy, is healthy.  So she had no problem trenching through the fields helping to carry equipment.  So I wasn’t embarrassed […]

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