Austin Powers



Some shoots are just more fun than others. It was great to have a very talented Austin Powers impersonator in the studio for a shoot for TMG.  This is just a screen capture of the video we shot. I hope to have a secondary roll of the video up on the website soon. Shooting photographs is different than directing video. When working with actors on still photography, I speak directly to the models as I am shooting them. Sometimes being very energetic and loud.  But you can’t do that when shooting video. You have to explain to the actor what you are looking for in such a way that he can take it and run with it. However, in this case, all I had to say was one or two words and he kept going and going and going. even after a long, 9 hour day. I had already drank 3 RedBulls and I was tired. But not this pro.  I love it when actors make the photographer / director look even better than they are….

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