Monthly:December 2016

APA Photo Show

Every year the APA in San Francisco, ( American Photographic Artists), hosts a very special event where 6 well respected judges select 100 images from the personal work of top Bay Area commercial photographers. Another 100 images are chosen to to be exhibited in an on-line gallery. Submission for the show can run as many as 1200 pieces.  To be in either of the final groups is quite an honor.  In years past I have always be lucky enough to […]

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The SolTrackr

Having studios in both San Francisco and Silicon Valley, it’s pretty typical to work with new start-up companies of all types. It’s always exciting to be on the front lines in the creation of new companies and new products.  In many cases, the products have not been officially announced so they can not be shown or promoted on my own website.  But this little device from SolTrackr is not only innovative, it is already making some great moves in the […]

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San Benito House

Yum. The tasty side of commercial shoots. Below are some images from a location project we shot at a flavorful Ale House in Half Moon Bay known as the San Benito House.  It’s also well known as a colorful Bed and Breakfast place.  I first became familiar with the San Benito House quite a few years ago when I needed a hide away to write some poetry and do some inner reflection.  The San Benito House was perfect because it […]

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