APA Photo Show

Every year the APA in San Francisco, ( American Photographic Artists), hosts a very special event where 6 well respected judges select 100 images from the personal work of top Bay Area commercial photographers. Another 100 images are chosen to to be exhibited in an on-line gallery. Submission for the show can run as many as 1200 pieces.  To be in either of the final groups is quite an honor.  In years past I have always be lucky enough to be in the hung show.

This year I only submitted two images, but was still grateful to have one of them selected for the on-line gallery.

blogfram12_1This B&W image is the one that made it into the final selection.  A web showcase does not really do it justice.  But if you would like to see a large version, just click on the image.


blogframe12_2I was really surprised that this one did not make it, but I guess there were a lot of submissions of dancers this year.

If you would like to know more about the show, check out this link: http://sf.apanational.org/events/



APA_SomethingPersonal_ShowWebAnother photographer friend caught me in action viewing the show. Now have proof I really was there.

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