The SolTrackr

Having studios in both San Francisco and Silicon Valley, it’s pretty typical to work with new start-up companies of all types. It’s always exciting to be on the front lines in the creation of new companies and new products.  In many cases, the products have not been officially announced so they can not be shown or promoted on my own website.  But this little device from SolTrackr is not only innovative, it is already making some great moves in the marketplace.


We produced a variety of studio shots. This one shows off the small chip in the window…the brainchild of the device which senses the amount of UV light the wearer is being exposed to during the day.



Start-ups often have to pull in from whatever resources they can manage, to create the bold presence needed to compete. For example, this beautiful model was actually part of the marketing team for the company.  A nice manicure on the company dime, equally nice lighting, and we were go to go.

blog9b_3Like many new devices, this works directly with your smart phone.


blog9b_4blog9b_5It’s always wise to demo the product in use out in the field.

This is a perfect type of product shoot for me because it combines the need for great studio still shots (with the challenge of creative lighting techniques), and shooting outside with models in action.

Want to know more about SolTrackr:

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