Monthly:September 2020

Skip the People

I enjoy shooting people. But sometimes, when I am on location, I find other objects so interesting that I feel compelled to shoot them. Maybe I can used them as a background or something interesting as part of a future creation. For me, if I see something cool looking, I just want to shoot it. Even without the person that is supposed to be in the shot. These images were from a 2 day location video shoot.       […]

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Saturday in Pacific Grove Ca

Quick iphone shots from our day in Pacific Grove.  The smoke from all the fires was still in the air, mixed with fog and clouds. Made for a cool, but a beautiful day.      

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Fremont Estuary via iphone

The quality of shots that can be captured by using the iphone never ceases to amaze me.  These images were shot this morning on a hike at the Fremont estuary.  I did enhance them via photoshop, but still, pretty impressive.    

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