Riverbed Shoot

Nyuk, Nyuk, Nyuk

Blog2017_1_01No that’s not Popeye. We were interjecting a little humor into some ads for technology firm, Riverbed. Most ads for technology companies read like a datasheet. Some detailed technobabble or sales propaganda. These ads, created by Art Director Mike Connor, were meant to stop the viewer while being a little more fun, and kind of realistic on how people feel when they make the switch to a working system.  It’s nice when the client can allow for some creative freedom on set. Better yet when it turns into a usable piece.

Blog2017_1_03Jan Lenhardt always does a good job for real people make-up like we needed for this shoot.

Blog2017_1_04Walking the models through what is coming up next is important. IMHO.  It’s too difficult to just throw them into the set without a little description of what we are looking for ahead of time. I like to walk them through the process. Especially when the look is outside their normal expressions. This model is more used to looking glamorous and pretty in front of the camera. But that’s not the look we were going for.  But she worked with us well and came off great in front of the lens.

BlogVert1_5You can see here this was not the usually glamorous portfolio piece she was probably hoping for.  Instead we really wanted the hyper detailed look. Which shows off the every freckle and pore, and just about ever thing else you typically try to hide.




Blog2017_1_07This is one of those shots that is really meant to be view large to see the incredible detail in the face and shirt.  It makes a huge difference.


Blog2017_1_08Ad agency people, Jenny Salcedo and Kristina Smith, most likely discussing the details of the shoot. Or a TV show from last night. It’s hard to tell with certainty.



Getting unique expressions out of a model can be a challenge. Models are not actors. And in this case, we were working with “Real People” talent. Building a rapport is always the key. Then it’s not a matter of asking a non-pro to give you the right expression, but rather getting into their personality to bring the expression out in a realistic fashion.  I think what I did here was ask him if he was interested in going on a date. Or something like that……

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