Battling Micro Robots

Okay, these robots don’t really battle, but they are ultra cool!
Micro robots are being developed and studied to learn how to program and control mini devices.
These small, wired creatures are smaller than a dime and yet are able to move, lift, carry and place.
The developers aspire to create these mini helpers for every possibility from auto mechanics to bio mechanics…and that is just the starting point!
These images represent one of the many reasons that commercial photography is such an exciting career.  All of that cool stuff that people enjoy watching on The Discovery Channel, I am able to view up close and personal…many times even before the rest of the world has been given notice. Lucky me!

blog9_1Two of the micro men that have been created in a variety to shapes to help discover which design might work the best.


blog9_2Yes, that is a real dime.  Once you have a size comparison, you can get a better idea of how small these little guys really are.


blog9_3This is an example of one of the structures that was build using the mini robots.  I believe this took close to 20 hours to build. But they did it.


blog9_5Lift no evil. Carry no evil. Push no evil.    A few more of the different designs being tested.


blog9_4Up close they just look like bent paperclips to me.  So I question how they really get them to move and work. But I guess that information was above my pay grade.

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