Elevator update

It has been a while since I put in an update on some of the elevators we have visited over the last year.  From Las Vegas and Hover Dam to local grocery stores.  When ever we travel somewhere, Matthew needs to ride and video the elevators. As a family, (Matthew Adi and I), have gotten to the point where we all enjoy the little side trips. It’s interesting how autism can lead you down strange roads that can actually draw you closer together as a family. So even though these little ventures are not commercial projects, they are a big part of my life that I like to share.

2017Blog_3_1The Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas

2017Blog_3_2Safeway, Mountain View

2017Blog_3_3  Talking Stick Resort, Az.

2017Blog_3_5Hover Dam

2017Blog_3_6Shopping Mall, Chandler AZ.

2017Blog_3_7Hoover Dam.

Blog2017_3_11Talking Stocks Resort, AZ.

Blog2017_3_10Shopping Mall, Phoenix AZ.


Here is a very large series of elevators from many of our adventures: ELEVATORS

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