Just Catering



More tasty food project for Just Catering, a food prep and catering company. I have only shot a couple projects for this group, but so far each one has bee wonderful.  The Chef, Dave, and I, have already built a great relationship. Great because he is very passionate about what he does, And he loves to share his creations.  He does not simply cook food. To him, it is an art, a passion, a creation. Sometimes working all day in prep for the end result that will be devoured in minutes because it is so flavorful.  I always admire people who are passionate and deeply involved with what they do. But when they make a meal that not only looks great on camera, but I can eat it right after, AND share a glass of wine together (or tow), than that person truly becomes a friend.  Dave, I am ready for the next shoot already.

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