While people like Elon Musk and Bill Gates discuss the possibility of A.I. or SkyNet, other people are doing the hands on work to help make life easier and safer for those who work in dangerous occupations.

Meet Robo Miner. The robot that can travel into the darkest caves and caverns where men ( and canaries) dare not go. Equipped with video cameras, the human controllers topside can now see and test for what they might not otherwise know is there.


Now meet the handsome crew that worked on the development of Robo Miner. Great guys.  Of course we took the time to shoot the expected shots with smiling faces, and then there were the classic “lab” shots, but I wanted something a little different. So after a search around the labyrinth of this 1960’s building, I found this great hallway down in the basement that was built for secure experiments. Old lockers, electrical piping, cement floors, I felt this fit the Robo Miner far better than suits and ties with happy faces.  So we summoned the crew down below, threw on some safety jackets and made a shot that I felt would work a little better.


OK. Here is the proof that we DID do some typical smiling face shots in the lab.  And had a little more fun too.

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