U.S. White House Christmas Tree


These are just snap shots from what has got to be one of the most unusual jobs I have ever received. I got a call to shoot a video of the cutting down of the official Christmas Tree for the White House. It was frigging cold! 14 degrees in the morning. And a whole lot of standing around waiting. The final video was fantastic. Cutting down the tree, traveling across cool bridges, into small towns, etc. The best part was just being in the beautiful outdoors. Yes, it was cold, but the fresh air and the wonderful local people made up for any discomfort. I made friends with some of the locals and brought my family back for a winter snow trip. Most of these people have never been to a large city. But like me, family is really important to them. So there is the groundwork for a solid relationship. Especially when they think you are a big movie director. Ah, – who am I to ruin their excitement……

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