Loyal Army Fashion Shoot


Finally I get to share some work where I had a great opportunity to give back to the educational community AND allowed me to create some great images for the portfolio.BlogFrame5_Cover3BlogFrame5_Cover1BlogFrame5_Cover2 It’s always energizing to work with models and stylists for fashion pieces. And lifestyle work is enjoyable because it is LIFE, that is styled…

When an advertising agency associate, Tim Hendrick,  contacted me about shooting some lifestyle images for a new fashion company called Loyal Army, he had me intrigued. Especially as he stated that it was all part of an educational team project working with students at San Jose State.  This meant that there would be assistance from excited energetic minds.  Of course there is also a certain sense of reward when you feel like you are giving back to the younger creative community in some way.  In addition to the student involvement, the main contact at Loyal Army was someone I was familiar with and I knew of her great talent in working with people and starting new companies.

There was a little concern about turning over some of the key elements of production to the students, but that is exactly where their energy and excitement proved to be most valuable. They jumped in with both feet and accomplished all tasks like true pros.

BlogFrame5_1First things first. Sort all the clothes.

BlogFrame5_4“Oh gosh, did I forget the jackets?”BlogFrame5_2

BlogFrame5_3Make-up and primping.  Always a relaxing time for the models. Amazing how efficiently this young crew work with each other.

There were a couple of days of location scouting. I believe that great locations can tell stories on their own, so I requested that we find some really crazy spot to shoot. I think the scouts saw that sign and figured, “this must be the spot”. And it was, because we took several changes from this LOCO spot.BlogFrame5_5


Train stations always make for great backgrounds. I usually try to break out the long lens, just to impress the clients. I am actually shooting the real  shot from a GoPro hidden in the lens shade. The truth is, I love this lens for this type of work. It puts the background totally out of focus, leaving a sense of location, while allowing the viewer to focus in on the model and productsBlogFrame5_7



Quick move to the city streets.BlogFrame5_9


This is where I do my best to convince people that a professional model can change clothes in the bustling city streets.

No problem.   Then I pray that nothing bad happens.


BlogFrame5_11 BlogFrame5_13Not sure if I was trying to show the model my dance moves, or what?


So ladies, what did you think of your first fashion shoot?BlogFrame5_15 BlogFrame5_16All in all we had a great time shooting over a couple days. The images have made a needed addition to my portfolio, and I wish Loyal Army the best of luck on this new branding.

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