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Blog6_1In all the years I have been shooting as a professional commercial and advertising photographer, and all the photographs that have made the covers of editorial publications, it is still pretty cool to see a new image displayed in the airport magazine stands as I walk by.

Plus, this is the first time I have had an image on the cover of Popular Science, a publication that the nerd in me has always loved to read. So I have to admit I did enjoy seeing that particular display of magazines at the newsstand.


Blog_6_1This is what the digital illustration created by Eric Heintz looks like without all of the text covering up the images.  Great job Eric.


Blog6_2The automotive design team is a based in Ca., I felt it was appropriate to create at least one shot with a California back roads feel.


Blog6_3Another mood came over me because this car is so futuristic, I thought a TRON feel was in order. I can certainly imagine this car zooming through the game. Just stay out of it’s way.


Blog6_4The classic, low angle shots always work well for sporty vehicles.


Blog6_5Another masterful enhancement by Eric Heintz.

We really got a lot of fantastic images from this one day shoot.

See the gallery here:  3D Car Gallery.

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