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It’s kind of fun to show a little behind the scenes look of the location sets. There is a lot of effort put out, and sometimes it can get a little hectic. Which may run counter to a shoot where the final image reflects a peaceful, comfortable looking shot of a family relaxing in front of the TV.  It’s not always as glamorous as people think.  But when you are working with professionals, it is always worth the effort.

Blog7_1Perfect example of how UNglamorous a location set can be sometimes.  Make-up artist Jan Lenhardt wanted to set-up in the kitchen to be closer to the action and see the type of lighting we were using while she was applying make-up.

Blog7_2Isn’t this what your house looks like?  Large lighting panels set up in the room. Furniture spread out everywhere. Cords running across the floor. Extra teenager just laying on the couch doing nothing but reading her iphone. OK, maybe that last one.



Blog7_3It looks totally nice and relaxed now.  Got to say, great models to work with.

Blog7_4Ah, the Jones’s.  The perfect, happy family at home watching TV.  Really, their last name is Jones.  Too bad we were missing the puppies in this shot, right Marshall?


Blog7_5More “on set” make-up from Jan.

Blog7_6Something about this little girls hair color that I really liked.

Blog7_7Laying down on the job.  In this career, it can work pretty well.






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