The Mystery Of Elevators Continues

From a hallway at Embarcadero 3 in San Francisco.

The series continues. Mainly because Matthew still needs to get his elevator fix on a weekly basis. For those who are still unaware of the background story, Matthew is autistic. For some reason Matthew and many other kids and adults like him have an eerie compulsion to ride and video tape elevators.

The images on this blog are just a few that have not been added to the entire series. Which can be found here:




The Hyatt Regency in San Francisco


We are now using his hobby as a way to get him to improve his handwriting and other skills in school.  Even Math.  He can not do word problems with apples. But if you ask him to tell you what floor you would end up on if you started on the 6th, went up 10 floors and then went down 4 floors, he could tell you instantly.  Hey, I work with what I have.




Los Gatos, CA  Safeway


A parking garage at De Anza College in Cupertino CA


Top level of a parking garage in San Mateo.


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