Video for 4th Street Studios



I have got to learn to shoot more behind the scene shots, they are fun to look at. Directing a large crew like this ( I think there was 16 people on the crew), always requires a large amount of energy. What I usually do on such a set like this, is start the day with a meeting where I talk about what is expected for the day, but also pass out energy drinks. RedBull used to be my favorite, but now I have moved onto something far more intense. I juice spinach, grapes, apples, and celery. Then I blend that juice with banana and ice. People are surprised as to how good it tastes. And it really works! Once the day starts wearing us down, I bring in some special powder for a new drink. And then at the end of a long hard day of shooting video’s like this day was, I try to bring out a shot of a special liqueur I keep on hand. Then I give a toast to a hard working crew.
So here’s to a very hard working crew.
Oh yeah, we got a huge number of wonderful shots too.

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