What’s Behind Door Number 3

It doesn’t really matter. For the autistic elevator explorer there is no choice. The adventure will take him through each portal to examine the differences in all three.  Speed, temperature, sensitivity of the buttons, even the smells will be compared and analyzed.  To what end? Only the Elevator Pilgrim knows for certain. But there are plenty of them. All across the world.   Like an episode from The X-Files or the Twilight Zone,  Autistic children and adults from each corner of the globe seek out the experience of new elevators and upload the video’s to the web.




This blog demonstrates just a fraction of the variances in design, style, craftsmanship. But the variety is endless. Hence the expeditions will continue. At least until Matthew reaches a point where his attention turns to another fixation. But until then, the next plan in this journey will be to upload some of the more than 100 video taken on these trips. Not because they are exciting. Rather because it will reinforce the mystery of the Elevator Pilgrim.



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Burbank, California



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San Diego, California




BASS Pro Shop, Manteca, California



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Santa Clara, California



The images on this blog are just a few from a very large series.

Series One: http://melphoto.com/portfolios/elevators/

Series Two: http://melphoto.com/elevators2/

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